Living Altar'd Programs

Janine has a gift of guiding participants into the body and through transformational process in a space that is illuminating, activating and deeply aware.  Most other programs might tell you what to do and offer a checklist of best practices, but few others invoke an embodied presence within you and the vibration of that which you seek – the key to manifestation and self-actualization.  

Living Altar’d programs place you at the center of your success, goals and transformation to ignite change from within.  The kind of change that radiates to all dimensions of your living and being. The signature Living Altar’d Experience places you, quite literally, at the center of a group altar so that you can experience fully the power of your existence and exquisite being-ness.

All open programs are currently online with both recorded and live components. In-person experiences are in development and pending local safety ordinances.  Join Janine’s newsletter or book a free Destiny Blueprint Call for the latest updates and to discover which program might be right for you. For Reiki Certification Trainings click here.

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Living Altar'd Experience

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-A transformative experience with collective invocation (Reiki), free movement, creative expression and community learning. Facilitated in a safe, trauma-informed space, you will break through barriers to visibility and connection, and cultivate loving awareness. 

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Reiki Life Mastery

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Learn the essential tools and practices to integrate Reiki into your life, work and being.  Includes Reiki Master Certificate Training (Levels 1-3), community circles, group learning, deep healing. 

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ARC - Applied Reiki Coaching

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Transform with Feminine Power’s Essential Course for the Awakening Woman and integrate with group circles and Reiki. Includes one-on-one coaching sessions, group coaching and more! 

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DEEP (Deep Earth Embodiment Program)

Program Thumbnails DEEP

Combining Yin/Restorative Yoga, other subtle body practices and Feminine Power Transformational coaching for the In-bodhi-ment of Spirit.  This program offers a guided experience into deep physical transformation.    

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Light on Lilith


Monthly Women’s Circles with group discussion, collective prayer and healing. 

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